MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost 
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MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students at Low Cost

The dream of pursuing a medical degree, MBBS, has long held a revered place in the hearts of Indian students. 

However, the pursuit of this dream has seen a transformative shift in recent times, driven by a quest for affordable education and an unyielding passion for medicine. 

Indian students are increasingly turning their gaze toward international destinations to fulfill their aspirations, and the reasons behind this shift are compelling.

Within India, the landscape of medical education is marked by high donations and a scarcity of seats in private colleges.

These formidable barriers have led a growing number of Indian students to seek MBBS opportunities abroad, where affordability is a reality, not a distant dream. 

Additionally, the fierce competition surrounding the NEET exam, coupled with limited seat availability, has further fueled this migration to foreign shores.

In this quest for a doctorate and the realization of their fervent dreams, students are now opting to embark on their MBBS journeys overseas. 

This article explores this significant trend, shedding light on the factors driving Indian students to pursue MBBS in foreign lands, where affordability and opportunity align to sculpt the future of aspiring medical professionals.

Affordable options for Indian students To Pursue MBBS abroad:

Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyzstan flag

Medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offer affordable MBBS programs with a focus on practical training. The cost of living is economical, and many universities have NMC recognition.

Georgia: Georgia flag

Georgia provides affordable medical education with a focus on practical training. The country has a growing reputation for quality medical programs.

Russia: Russia flag

Russia offers low-cost medical education with many universities recognized by the NMC. Tuition fees and living expenses are generally lower compared to other countries.

Ukraine: Ukraine flag

Ukrainian universities provide quality medical education at a reasonable cost. The cost of living is also relatively low, making it an attractive option for Indian students.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh flag

Several universities in Bangladesh provide cost-effective medical education. The curriculum is similar to India’s, and travel expenses are relatively low.

Philippines: Philippines flag

The Philippines offers an English-language medical curriculum with affordable tuition fees. The country has a strong medical tradition and is a popular destination for Indian medical students.

Nepal: Nepal flag

Nepal’s proximity to India and affordable medical programs make it a viable option. Some universities have MCI recognition, ensuring a smoother pathway for Indian students.

China: China flag

China’s medical universities offer cost-effective MBBS programs taught in English. Many universities are recognized by MCI and provide a diverse learning experience.

It’s important to thoroughly research each option, considering factors such as recognition by NMC, language of instruction, curriculum, living expenses, and overall quality of education. 

While seeking low-cost options, ensure that the university maintains high educational standards and proper facilities for medical training.

Reasons to Consider Pursuing an MBBS Degree Abroad:

  • Global Recognition: MBBS graduates are internationally recognized and eligible to practice medicine in numerous countries.
  • Fast-track to Medical Practice: Complete your studies in just 5-6 years and start practicing as a doctor.
  • Hands-on Learning: Gain practical experience in laboratories, local hospitals, and clinics to hone your medical skills.
  • Diverse Classroom Exposure: Acquire comprehensive knowledge across various medical disciplines through rigorous classroom instruction.
  • Affordable Medical Degree: Among the most cost-effective paths to becoming a certified medical practitioner. 
  • Gateway to Advanced Studies: Lay a strong foundation for advanced medical studies, such as pursuing a Master’s or MD program.
  • Early Entry Option: Directly enter MBBS programs after high school to accelerate your medical career.
  • Budget-friendly Choices: Choose from over 60 MBBS programs priced under $10,000 annually.
  • Rapid Career Launch: Embark on your journey as a practicing doctor in your mid-twenties.
  • International Student-Friendly: Experience a warm and inclusive environment that welcomes students from around the world.

NMC Recognition 

Candidates aspiring to study Medicine abroad can check the list of countries NMC approved for MBBS education and opt for any of the countries depending upon their interest. 

While choosing the MBBS abroad option, students must check whether the college/university is approved by the NMC or not. The MBBS degree obtained from an NMC-approved university is only considered as valid in India. So, have a knowledge about countries/universities before choosing a university. 

List of Countries that fulfill NMC Guidelines 

Country NameCourse DurationName of the CourseMedium NMC Guideline
Kyrgyzstan5+1 Year of InternshipMBBSEnglishYes
Georgia6-Years Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
China5+1 Year of InternshipMBBSEnglishNo
Nepal4.5+1 Year of InternshipMBBSEnglishNot Clear
Philippines2 Years BS+ 4.5 MD +1 Year InternshipMDEnglishNo
Bangladesh5+1 Year of InternshipMBBSEnglishYes
Kazakhstan5+1 Year of InternshipMBBSEnglishYes
Russia6-Years Including InternshipMDEnglish / BilingualYes
Egypt6-Years Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
Poland6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
Armenia6-Years Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
Uzbekistan5+1 Year of InternshipMBBSEnglishYes
Belarus6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
Romania6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
Slovakia6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglishYes
Malaysia5-years, No Internship for Foreign NationalsMBBSEnglishNo
Croatia6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Bosnia6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Lithuania6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Serbia6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Moldova6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Hungary6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Czech Republic6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
Latvia6-Year Including InternshipMDEnglish 
USA via Caribbean4/5 YearsMDEnglishNo
Mauritius5-Year, No Internship for Foreign NationalsMBBSEnglishNo

Countries for MBBS Abroad in Low Cost

The following countries are the most suitable options to complete MBBS under 10,000 USD per year. If you are searching for Cheapest countries for MBBS, the following countries are ideal for you. 

Country Course Fee (Approximately) 
Kyrgyzstan 2,000-9,000 USD/year
China 3,000-10,000 USD/year
Kazakhstan 3,000-9,000 USD/year
Bangladesh 4,000-7,000 USD/year
Georgia 4,000-7,000 USD/year
Philippines 3,000-7,000 USD/year

MBBS Fee Structure

MBBS course duration lies between 5 to 6 years in any of the countries. Usually, the 11th and 12th semesters will be allocated for the internship. Students can do internships at the university-associated hospitals. 

Annual tuition fees vary across universities, typically with the first year being higher due to enrollment processes and dormitory accommodation. Subsequent years, spanning 2 to 6, often see a reduction of over half in tuition fees. 

This decrease is attributed to the possibility of residing off-campus, engaging in part-time jobs, and participating in practical rotations within medical facilities.

The table below provides an overview of average MBBS program expenses for 5-6 years. For more comprehensive financial details, simply access the program page. 

Keep in mind that there might be additional charges such as application and service fees, transportation, dormitory accommodation, and food.

MBBS Abroad Universities for Indian Students at Low Cost 2023

CountryUniversityYearly Tuition in USD [Approximately]
PhilippinesAngeles University5,375
PhilippinesAMA School of Medicine6,000
PhilippinesUniversity of Perpetual Help6,000
PhilippinesOur Lady of Fatima University7,920
GeorgiaDavid Tvildiani Medical University8,000
KyrgyzstanAdam University4,080
KyrgyzstanAsian Medical Institute3,000
KazakhstanM. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University3,700
KazakhstanSouth Kazakhstan Medical University4,000
KazakhstanKaraganda State Medical University4,750
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz State Medical Academy4,800
KazakhstanAstana Medical University5,200
KyrgyzstanJalal-Abad State University6,900
KyrgyzstanInternational School of Medicine6,500
ChinaNingxia Medical University4,351
ChinaQingdao University4,380
ChinaNantong University3,796
ChinaHainan Medical University2,628
ChinaBeihua University3,066
ChinaChina Three Gorges University3,504
ChinaShenyang Medical College3,650
ChinaYangzhou University4,380
ChinaGuangzhou Medical University4,380
ChinaChongqing Medical University4,380
ChinaWenzhou Medical University4,380
ChinaGuangxi Medical University4,380
ChinaHebei Medical University4,380
ChinaSoutheast University4,672
ChinaSoochow University4,745
ChinaJilin University4,818
ChinaXuzhou Medical University4,818
ChinaJiangsu University4,964
ChinaNanjing Medical University4,964
ChinaZhengzhou University5,110
ChinaKunming Medical University5,110
ChinaNingbo University5,548
ChinaJinzhou Medical University5,110
ChinaXiamen University5,548
ChinaXi’an Jiao tong University5,840
ChinaChina Medical University5,840
ChinaShantou University Medical College5,840
ChinaWuhan University5,840
ChinaHuazhong University of Science and Technology5,840
ChinaDalian Medical University6,132
ChinaZhejiang University6,249
ChinaSouthern Medical University6,570
ChinaTianjin Medical University7,008
ChinaCapital Medical University7,300
ChinaSichuan University6,570
ChinaShandong University6,570
ChinaTongji University6,570
BangladeshNorth Bengal Medical College7,000
BangladeshCentral Medical College7,000
BangladeshAd-Din Women’s Medical College7,600
BangladeshJahurul Islam Medical College8,000
BangladeshInternational Medical College8,400
BangladeshTairunnessa Memorial Medical College8,400
BangladeshMedical College for Women & Hospital8,600
BangladeshAnwer Khan Modern Medical College8,800
BangladeshEast-West Medical College9,000
BangladeshHoly Family Red Crescent Medical College9,190
BangladeshBangladesh Medical College9,800

Note: The list provided here is collected from various sources. The fee structure is also given for the reference of the aspirants. Check with the university to know the accurate information about the fee structure. 

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