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General tips for NEET in one month

The time left for the commencement of NEET examination is only month then how to prepare for NEET in this last one month period. You might be panicked, but panic or worry is will not solve the problem. Only proper planning with some strategies you can successfully finish your goal even in this last leg of time. How To Prepare For NEET:  NEET preparation strategy is the most promising question and here are some general tips for you to prepare for NEET in one month. Till you have 30 days, 450 hours (15 study hours per day) and 27,000 minutes to prepare for the examination.

General Tips to prepare for NEET in one month

Strong commitment: First fix your mind to prepare for the examination first. Without the strong commitment no one can achieve anything.

Avoid Distractions: Avoid all the distractions like movies, games, mobiles, Facebook, Instagram or others for this one month time. You can enjoy all of them once you finish the exam at any time but you can’t get even one more mark once this month over. 

Set Time Table: Prepare your time table and list out all the topics need to be finished in this one month and schedule the same as per the topic and the time available. Paste it in your room and other areas where you roam or stay more at your home to motivate yourself.

Divide your time: Time division for all the subjects and the syllabus is more important at this last moment. Carefully divide your time as per the importance and your difficulty subject wise.

Subject & Syllabus: The subject and the syllabus which you have already studied once, but needed to be verified as per the NEET examination (objective style) and not as per the 11th or 12th examination pattern.How To Prepare For NEET

Mock tests: Try to do all the available mock tests as per the revision time table of yours. Once you finished one topic try to do all the tests available on that particular topic and you will be verified how much you have got clarity on that particular topic.

Full Tests: Plan your schedule to do at least one full 3 hour test similar to NEET pattern every day or once in two days. If you set the time in the afternoon it will give you the similar feeling like writing the original NEET exam, which is very helpful to practice.

Be true to yourself: Check your knowledge without any false pretenses. You need to analyze yourself truly to understand your strengths and weaknesses properly to overcome the hurdles of success.

Less sleep: Sleep less and Study more should be the mantra need to follow in this last month left over time. Less Sleep not mean sleeplessness, balance your sleep time limited to 5 to 6 hours and not more than that.

Relax in between: Schedule your study hours properly but relax in between every few hours of study for few minutes. This helps your brain to relax and gives some fresh energy to continue to study and remember more.

Try to Meditate: Try to practice basics of meditation or breathing techniques to reduce the stress that builds with the rigorous study schedule.

Eat Healthy: Try to maintain proper diet during this one month, and reduce to eat unhealthy/greasy food. Healthy eating gives you healthy stomach and good relaxed body to continue your study without interruptions.

Maintain Health: Healthy body can yield healthy mind and if the body is not healthy one cannot perform well. Though you have prepared very well for all the year for the NEET examination and you are not feeling well at the day of the exam is not going to give you good results. Health problems are the major game changer for most of the toppers to lose or gain the marks/ranks.



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