Scholarship for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad
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Scholarship for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad

Indian students migrating to foreign countries for MBBS studies can avail of scholarships from various government and private funding organizations and institutions. Scholarships for students will be awarded based on merit, academic performance, and financial need. 

MBBS abroad scholarships are useful for students to pay the tuition fee, cover living expenses, buy books, and for other purposes. Here we have given a list of scholarships for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad for the students’ awareness. 

Best Scholarships for Indian Students

Indian students prefer to study MBBS in Singapore, the U.S., the UK, China, Australia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, and other destinations. Students migrating to foreign nations for studies can avail scholarships to continue their education. Students can check Scholarships for Indian students to study MBBS abroad after the 12th standard. 

Best Scholarships for Indian Students

Beijing Government MBBS Scholarship

Beijing Government MBBS Scholarships are offered to the MBBS students who wish to continue their studies abroad. The award is available to graduates from China’s National Health Institute. For study at China’s public colleges and universities, this financial aid is given to foreign applicants.

Scholarship Reward

Students will be awarded a sum of 20,000 RMB for each academic year. This is a partial scholarship, which covers the tuition fee. 


International students below 30 years can apply for this scholarship. 

The Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program, Turkey

This scholarship is being offered for International students pursuing medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, and pharmaceutics. This scholarship is valid for 84 months.  

Scholarship Amount

This scholarship of 50,000 TRY is offered as a stipend for international students. This scholarship covers accommodation charges, health expenses, Turkish language course fees, and round-trip tickets.


Students holding Turkish citizenship can avail Ibni Sina Medical Sciences scholarship. 

Bilateral MBBS Program by Anhui Medical University

This scholarship is awarded by the Chinese government for international students. This is a combination of fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships. Students are eligible to get scholarships for 6-7 academic years. Students can apply for this scholarship between January to April. 

Scholarship Amount 

A scholarship amount of 1,500 RMB is offered as a one-time settlement to the Indian students seeking to pursue MBBS. Along with this students receive a monthly stipend worth 1,400 RMB. 

This scholarship covers the registration fee, internship fees, accommodation fees, laboratory experiments fees, learning materials charge, outpatient medical service, and more


Students must be below the age limit of 25 years. 

Royal Thai Government MBBS Scholarships

The Government of Thailand offers this scholarship for the MBBS students. This scholarship is being offered by the Royal Thai Embassy Scholarship Program. This scholarship is granted for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and research studies. 

Scholarship Reward

Royal Thai Government scholarship – benefits

This scholarship is provided to cover the tuition fee and the living expenses. 


International students having excellent academic backgrounds can apply for this scholarship. 

Vice-Chancellor’s International MBBS Scholarship, Sydney University

Sydney University is offering this scholarship for foreign medical students. This reward is for an education to merit candidates. 

Scholarship Amount

This scholarship is of 4 types 

  • $20,000 for one semester
  • $40,000 for the entire year payable twice each semester
  • $10,000 for one semester
  • $5,000 for one semester


Candidates must have to apply for the ‘Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students’.

Students might be enrolled in studying in Australia.

Indian students are eligible to get scholarships from some of the famous organizations, 

  • Bilateral Program for Bachelor’s Degree by Nanjing Medical University
  • Singapore SINGA Award MBBS Scholarships
  • Algoma University Chancellor’s Award, Etc. 

Full Scholarship vs Partial Scholarship

Awards with full funding

Fully funded scholarships are the best scholarships for international students to cover all their expenses. Fully funded scholarships cover the tuition fee, accommodation charges, and other additional expenses required by the students. The expenses include the cost of study materials, health insurance, travel expenses, and funds for college supplies. 

Fully funded scholarships are awarded for the students with good merit. These scholarships are being awarded only based on the student’s merit in academics. These scholarships are awarded by the educational institutions/universities for the students. 

Partially-funded Scholarships

Partially funded scholarships are used to cover only partial expenses spent by the students. Students can pay a portion of their tuition fee and manage other expenses using these partially funded scholarships. Any additional expenses like accommodation, travel expenses, college supplies funds, etc.

will not be covered under the partially funded scholarships. These scholarships are useful in paying the station fee. Students pursuing MBBS abroad can receive high-quality education at very reasonable expenses. Depending on the eligibility of the applicant, they will be awarded fully funded/partially funded scholarships. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I get a fully-funded scholarship for MBBS abroad?

Ans: A fully-funded scholarship is awarded to students with good academic record/merit. 

How do I apply for full financial aid to study Medicine abroad?

Ans: Students pursuing abroad can exercise the scholarship information from the university’s official portal. If they are eligible, they can apply for the scholarship. Check the application process, and upload the needed documents to apply for the scholarship. 

Which MBBS sponsorships are available in the UK?


  • Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine Scholarships: Indian students can avail of this scholarship to pursue a B.Sc. in medicine or MBBS at Imperial College London.
  • QMUL John Abernethy Scholarship for Medicine: Need-based scholarship for MBBS or BDS students pursuing at the Queen Mary University of London.

Not only these 2 scholarships, there are many other scholarships available for the students to study in the UK. 

Any MBBS Scholarships for the University of Auckland for Indian Students?

Ans: The John Hamel MacGregor scholarship offers up to $10,000 for eligible students to pursue MBBS and other courses. 

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