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Scholarship for Indian Students to Study MBBS Abroad after 12?

Studying MBBS abroad has gained a lot of attention from Indian students. Most of the students from India prefer to study MBBS in foreign countries like Georgia, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, the USA, the UK, Australia, and other nations. Due to high tuition fees in private colleges, high competition for MBBS admissions, reservations, and lack of medicine seats most of the students are opting to study MBBS abroad.

Compared to other countries, the MBBS fee structure is high in India. Private medical colleges are forcing students to pay donations and it is also expensive to pay the academic fee. Unreserved candidates are mainly suffering from the higher fee structure.

Many of the Indian students who are seeking to study MBBS abroad depend upon scholarships to fulfill their desire. We are all aware that MBBS is an expensive course to study. Students will be needful if they get a scholarship to complete their course. Indian students getting scholarships to pursue MBBS in foreign nations is a successful and primary step.

Many government organizations, various colleges, foundations, and business organizations offer scholarships for Foreign Medical Graduates. Check the MBBS Abroad Scholarship types, application process, and other important details from our page. 


What are scholarships for MBBS abroad?

A scholarship for medical graduates who are desirous to study abroad will be funded by universities, various governments, and private organizations. COVID has impacted foreign medical studies badly in the past year. While the interest in foreign MBBS studies has been raising among Indian students. To fulfill the dream to study MBBS abroad, many students require financial aid.

MBBS Abroad scholarship can be useful to students to pay the tuition fee, travel expenses, accommodation facilities, and buy books. Students preferring to study MBBS abroad can check the types of MBBS abroad scholarships and the application process from the following.

Types of Scholarships to Study MBBS Abroad

MBBS Abroad scholarships come from various sources. The scholarships are of different types.

Program-Based Scholarships:

Program-based scholarships are offered by universities and colleges. Based on the applicant’s academic merit and achievements, the program-based scholarships will be allocated to students. For MBBS courses, the concerned universities offer scholarships for merit students.

Government-Funded Scholarships:

The USA, UK, and other countries provide scholarships for international students to promote international trade in the education sector. Some of the international scholarships like the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, Chevening Scholarship, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, and other types of scholarships will be offered by the USA and UK Governments for International students.

Merit Scholarships:

Merit-based scholarships will be given to students who are best in academics, athletics, and other skills.

Academic Scholarships:

Students with excellent academic performance will be sanctioned academic scholarships for each academic year. Various colleges/universities, government, and private organizations, and business organizations offer academic scholarships for bright students.

Need-Based Scholarship:

Students who wish to pursue MBBS abroad and do not have sufficient funds can utilize the need-based scholarship. Struggling students can the scholarships from the respective university or other government/private organizations.

Privately-Funded Scholarships:

Some private organizations fund special scholarships for talented students who wish to continue their studies. Some special scholarships will be offered for women and financially backward students.


Full Scholarship vs Partial Scholarship

Fully-funded Scholarships

Fully funded scholarships are mostly offered by the respective university/institution. The scholarship amount covers the entire tuition fee, accommodation, and other expenses borne by a student to study abroad. The expenses include travel expenses, materials, health insurance, and others. The fully-funded scholarship is awarded to students who are having excellent performance in their academics. The fully-funded scholarships offered by every university attract toppers to study at their university.

Partially-funded Scholarships

Partially funded scholarships cover the educational expenses partly. The total expenses will not be covered within the scholarship limit. The amount granted will be small and it covers a portion of the tuition fee. Travel expenses, accommodation fees, and other expenses will not be covered by the partially funded scholarships. Some of the partially funded scholarships will be provided for travel and living expenses.

MBBS Abroad scholarships will be useful to receive high-quality education at a reasonable charge. Depending upon the eligibility of students, the university offers fully-funded or partially-funded scholarships for them.

Can I get a fully-funded scholarship for MBBS abroad?

Students seeking to pursue MBBS abroad can get a fully-funded scholarship. Eligible aspirants will be offered fully-funded scholarships from the university. Merit students are eligible to get a fully funded scholarship for MBBS abroad.

Scholarship Examination for MBBS Students to Study Abroad

Indian students seeking to pursue an MBBS abroad can appear for the MBBS Scholarship Test in India. Meritorious and needy students who clear the scholarship test with good scores are provided with a scholarship to study MBBS abroad. Students who are interested in studying MBBS abroad but unable to fulfil their dream due to insufficient funds can clear the scholarship test to avail merit scholarship.

Top Universities Offering MBBS Abroad Scholarships 

Indian students can avail of scholarships from the top medical abroad universities. Here are the top international MBBS scholarship details.

Brunel Medical School International Scholarships

  • Brunel Medical School (BMS) offers 5 different scholarships. The scholarship amount will be directly deducted from the tuition fee.
  • A scholarship of £30,000 will be awarded for 5-years duration.
  • Every year 15% of the tuition fee will be covered by the BMS.

BMI Scholarship Selection Process

  1. By selecting eligible candidates and by interviewing them.
  2. The Brunel Medical School Admissions Committee offers scholarships for the top-ranked candidates by considering the Virtual Multiple mini-interview (MMI) score.

If 2 applicants have scored the same in MMI, the academic merit, personal statements, and references of candidates are considered to offer a scholarship.

The BMI Scholarship Interview process will be done to test student’s abilities. The interview will be done to assess,

  • Communication skills of a candidate.
  • Leadership skills and experience.
  • Aim to contribute to the BMS as per their vision and mission.
  • Commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Aim to contribute to the medical profession after graduation according to the mission and vision of the school.

Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Program [Turkey]

  • The İbni Sina Medical Sciences offers government-funded and competitive scholarships for international students studying medicine in Turkey.
  • The IBMS scholarship covers full tuition fees and also offers direct university admission.
  • This scholarship is for dentistry, nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine, and pharmaceutics to non-Turkish nationals worldwide.
  • A scholarship of 50,000 TRY was awarded that covers tuition fees, Turkish language course fees, health expenses, accommodation charges, and round-trip tickets.
  • Non-Turkish students can apply for this scholarship. Not required Turkish citizenship.
  • Students must score at least 90% of marks in their UG program and the age limit of the student must be at least 21 years.

FoM Master’s Scholarships [London]

The Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London offers scholarships for UK and overseas students to pursue many courses like Diplomas, Master’s degree programs, and PG Certificates.

FoM Offers 2 types of scholarships for UK students and overseas students.

Dean’s Master’s Scholarship:

Up to 10 scholarships worth £10,000 will be awarded to national and international candidates. The scholarship is available for students of the Faculty of Medicine who are in Master’s programs.

Dr. Jean Alero Thomas Scholarship:

Up to 3 scholarships to cover full tuition fees for UK students and international students. The scholarship is available for students of the Faculty of Medicine who are in the lab-based MSc or MRes program.

How to apply for a Scholarship?

Initially, fill up the application form for a Master’s program at Fom and also fill up the scholarship application form which is available on the same portal. The application will be considered for both of the aspects.

The FoM selection panel decides and selects suitable candidates based on their academic performance, career path, and professional experience.

Anhui Medical University CSC Scholarship [China]

Anhui Medical University CSC offers scholarships for Indian students. The Government of China sponsors this scholarship.

Graduate and Postgraduate students are eligible to get this scholarship. The age limit of the student must be 25 years.

Anhui Medical University offers scholarships for non-local students for an MBBS program of 6 years (including a 1-year internship), with English as the teaching medium

Eligible candidates can apply for Anhui Medical University’s degree program or through the Chinese consulate in India.

CSC scholarship is fully funded. It covers accommodation, tuition fees, complete medical insurance, and a monthly living allowance.

UG candidates will be awarded a stipend of 2500 RMB per month, tuition fee coverage, and free accommodation.

Master’s Program candidates will be awarded a stipend of 3000 RMB per month, tuition fee coverage, and free accommodation.

Rhodes Scholarship [Greece]

The Rhodes Scholarship is the world’s most famous and prestigious scholarship. The Rhodes Trust in Oxford administers the Rhodes Scholarships and offers fully funded scholarships for postgraduate courses.

It covers student visa fees, tuition fees, round trip airfare, and associated International Health Surcharge (IHS).

A stipend of £17,310 per annum will be granted for students to cover living expenses and accommodation.

The age limit of the applicants should be between 18 years and 25 years.

Indian students completed the UG course and opting to study the PG course can apply for this scholarship on the official portal with all required documents.

Harvard Medical School Scholarships [USA]

Harvard Medical School offers scholarships for students who are financially not strong.

HMS Scholarship will be received by students who need financial support.

HMS Scholarships will be awarded with the help of gifts offered by individuals, organizations, foundations, or annual gifts to the HMS Alumni Fund.

HMS Office of Resource Development takes care of scholarship distribution and funds raised by various sources. The HMS scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship. It covers full tuition fees, accommodation, and health allowances.

Student’s professional and personal interests, premedical background, academic progress, and residency preferences will be considered before granting the scholarship.

Lester B Pearson Scholarships [Canada]

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships are awarded to meritorious international students.

The University of Toronto offers this scholarship for international students studying at Canadian high schools.

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships are prestigious and competitive scholarships that are awarded to only 37 students every year.

The scholarship covers books, tuition, incidental fees, and full residence support for four years. Study MBBS in Foreign for INDIAN Students.


Students opting to pursue MBBS Abroad can check the scholarship availability, application process, whether it is fully funded or not, and other details from the concerned university. Most of the foreign universities encourage international students by offering scholarships. Once you check all the details from the university’s official portal to check about the scholarship.

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