OBC Cutoff for NEET
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OBC Cutoff for NEET

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the qualifying examination for aspirants seeking admission in MBBS/BDS courses. The National Testing Agency (NTA) organizes the NEET examination every year for aspirants seeking to get admission for medical courses. 

Competitors must clear the NEET exam with the required cutoff marks as per their category. Based on the NEET score, candidates will get admission to Government/private colleges/universities. 

Candidates belonging to General, OBC, SC, ST, and other categories must score NEET qualifying marks as per their respective category. Candidates belonging to the OBC category can check the qualifying marks of the NEET exam, and NEET past year cutoff marks from the following. NEET Qualify Marks.

OBC (Other Backward Classes) Category

OBC Category candidates are required to score 40% of the total marks. Candidates scoring 40% or above marks can get admission to MBBS/BDS courses in Government/Private colleges.

Factors Affecting the NEET Cut-off Marks

Total Number of Candidates: The number of candidates appearing for the NEET exam can have a direct impact on the cut-off marks. If a large number of candidates compete for a limited number of seats, the competition becomes more intense, and the cut-off marks may increase. On the other hand, if there are fewer candidates, the competition may be less intense, and the cut-off marks may decrease.

NEET Cut Off Marks

Difficulty Level of the Exam:

The difficulty level of the NEET exam can vary from year to year. If the question paper is relatively tougher, it may affect the overall performance of the candidates. In such cases, the cut-off marks may decrease as the performance of the candidates may not be as high. Conversely, if the paper is easier, the candidates may perform better overall, leading to higher cut-off marks.

Availability of Seats:

The availability of seats in medical and dental colleges is an important factor in determining the cut-off marks. If there is a limited number of seats compared to the number of candidates, the competition becomes more intense. In such cases, the cut-off marks tend to be higher as securing admission becomes more challenging.

Reservation Policy:

The reservation policy for different categories, such as General, OBC, SC, ST, and others, can influence the cut-off marks. The relaxation provided to reserved categories can lead to lower cut-offs for those categories compared to the General category. The reservation policy aims to promote social equity and provide opportunities to historically disadvantaged sections of society.

Performance of Candidates:

The overall performance of the candidates appearing for the NEET exam also plays a role in determining the cut-off marks. If the majority of candidates perform exceptionally well, it indicates a higher level of competition, and the cut-off marks may increase. Conversely, if the performance of candidates is relatively lower, the cut-off marks may decrease.

NEET Cut-Off Marks for MBBS Government Colleges

CategoryNEET Cutoff Marks for MBBS Government Colleges
General120-700 Marks
OBC110-550 Marks
OBC-NCL105-500 Marks
SC90-120 Marks
ST90-115 Marks
EWS115-350 Marks
PwD85-150 Marks

NEET Passing Marks 2023

CategoryNEET Passing Marks 2023Marks Range
General50th Percentile150 or Above Marks
Other Backward Class45th Percentile130 or Above Marks
OBC-NCL45th Percentile120 or Above Marks
Scheduled Caste40th Percentile100 or Above Marks
Scheduled Tribes40th Percentile100 or Above Marks
Economically Weaker Section45th Percentile130 or Above Marks
Person with Disability35th percentile85 or Above Marks

NEET UG Cutoff Marks 2023 Category-Wise [Expected]

CategoryNEET UG Cutoff Marks 2023 for BDS
General150-720 Marks
Other Backward Class145-450 Marks
OBC-NCL135-400 Marks
Scheduled Caste120-300 Marks
Scheduled Tribes110-200 Marks
Economically Weaker Section110-200 Marks
Person With Disability85-200 Marks

NEET UG 2023 Marks Vs Rank

NEET UG MarksNEET UG Marks Vs Rank
710-720 Marks1 – 20
700-710 Marks21 – 49
651-699 Marks50 – 9999
600-650 Marks10,000 – 20,000
551-599 Marks20,001 – 50,000
500-550 Marks50,001 – 1,25,000
450-499 Marks1,25,001 – 1,80,000
Below 449 Marks1,80,001 – 10,00,000

Previous Year NEET Cutoff Marks/Qualifying Marks

CategoryPrevious NEET Cutoff Marks (2022)Previous NEET Cutoff Marks (2021)Previous NEET Cutoff Marks (2020)
General115-710 Marks140-710 Marks150-710 Marks
Other Backward Class95-115 Marks115-140 Marks120-145 Marks
OBC-NCL90-110 Marks110-130 Marks110-140 Marks
Scheduled Caste90-110 Marks110-130 Marks110-140 Marks
Scheduled Tribes90-110 Marks110-130 Marks110-140 Marks
Economically Weaker Section95-115 Marks115-140 Marks120-145 Marks
Person With Disability90-118 Marks100-125 Marks100-135 Marks

 NEET UG Cutoff Marks 2023 for BDS

CategoryNEET UG Cutoff Marks 2023 for BDS
General90-100 Marks
Other Backward Class80-90 Marks
OBC-NCL75-85 Marks
Scheduled Caste65-75 Marks
Scheduled Tribes65-75 Marks
Economically Weaker Section80-90 Marks
Person With Disability50-60 Marks
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